The Hip-Hop Wedding Playlist

by Zane Krumanocker

Part 2 of my All Time Superfly Jams takes a look at some of my favorite Hip Hop songs that I find suitable for most weddings.  Mixing Hip Hop was how I got into DJing over ten years ago and I still like to throw down one or two hip hop sets for weddings where the core group grew up in the 80's and 90's.

The Notorious B.I.G. "Hypnotized"

With the exception of the Beastie Boy's Hello Nasty album, this track is how I was introduced to Hip Hop.  I remember watching the music video on MTV and thinking Biggie was the man.  This track has a grooving bass line that goes perfectly with Biggies one of a kind swagger.  This song is perfect for a wedding that has people who appreciate good hip hop, and is familiar enough to keep it moving on the dance floor.

Method Man & Mary J Blige -"You're All I Need"

Another song that hip hop heads can appreciate, You're All I Need lyrically makes sense to play at a wedding.   With Method Mans slick verses about being dedicated to his partner and Mary J's soothing vocals throughout the track, you'll find this track works very well at most weddings.

House of Pain- "Jump Around"

Do I have to say anything else? This song is perfect for when the energy in the room is palpable and you are ready to take it to the next level.  With the right crowd you will have mayhem on the dance floor as soon as they hear trumpets at the start of the track.

DJ Kool- "Let Me Clear My Throat"

Released in 1996, this track has been getting the crowd into it ever since.  With the vocals consisting largely of call and response, this is a perfect to to get the party involved on the dance floor.  The song samples some very recognizable older songs, and this helps getting some of the older guests on their feet whenever it comes on.

Jay-Z "Empire State Of Mind"

As a DJ from the state of New York, this song is a no brainer!   The beat is perfect for your dancing crowd and will have people shouting the chorus when it drops.  Not many hip-hop songs have the sing-a-long factor that this one has.  (Disclaimer: You will not get the same response without at least a handful of New Yorkers in the building)

Ready to party?


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