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Packing dancefloors

with style and class
*The only thing filling up quicker than the dance floor is my calendar

Three reasons to make it a superfly wedding


You came to party so you need a DJ who will mix music seamlessly and keep the dance floor bumping until the venue kicks us out! You're not booking a great wedding DJ, you're booking one of the best DJ's in Upstate New York!


You want a DJ who will listen to your ideas. This is your party, your playlist, you rules! What get's you going? That's what is going to make your wedding unique... I'll take care of the rest!


With custom DJ booths and a world class bowtie collection, you can be sure my setup up matches  your vibe and everything looks crispy. I'll try and look nice too...

Wedding DJ in Pittsfield

If only every choice for your wedding was this easy

For an unforgettable wedding experience, Superfly Sounds is your ultimate choice for a wedding DJ in Pittsfield, MA. Our experienced DJs, vast music collection, and state-of-the-art equipment guarantee a packed dance floor all night long. Contact us now to learn more about our services and let us make your special day truly memorable.

Want to hear
a real DJ mix?

Superfly Mixup
Nicole said:

”SERIOUSLY-IF YOU DO NOT BOOK ZANE AS YOUR DJ-YOU ARE SERIOUSLY MISSING OUT! I am beyond lucky to have met Zane and to have worked with him. From start to finish, he is the most professional, upbeat, awesome guy you will ever meet. He took so much time to make sure that my day was perfect and was so detail oriented. He met with us a few times before our special day and made sure that we felt totally comfortable and was so responsive.”

Meredith said:

”It was very important to us to find a DJ that would keep everyone on the floor dancing, which isn't as easy as you may think. I am a wedding photographer and I've seen so many weddings and I can GUARANTEE you a DJ can make or break a wedding and Zane completely made our dance floor everything we wanted it to be.“

Ashley Said:

"People are STILL talking about how amazing our DJ was at our wedding. We were so excited to work with Zane from the beginning. He called us after our initial inquiry, and it was fated since then. He has been such a pleasure to work with. His entire demeanor was amazing – his whole setup catered to our whole “vibe” and made it THAT much better. The up lighting was crazy phenomenal. He literally lit up an entire barn that was built to fit 300 people."

Amanda said:

”They say you can judge a wedding by the amount of people on the dance floor. We’ve all been to those weddings where there is either a few people on the dance floor or as the dj changes songs, guests come and go. I can proudly say, I choose a dj that had EVERY SINGLE guest (all 200 of them) on the dance floor the entire night! Zane was truly the best dj I have ever heard! He played the most perfect mix of songs to keep everyone on their feet.”

Josh said:

”Zane was amazing to work with. Incredibly professional and responsive from start to finish, he totally nailed the vibe we were going for. And when the night went a little long, he was nice enough to work with us and keep the party going. I highly recommend booking Zane. In addition to being able to decipher your musical tastes, he's the nicest guy you're ever going to meet behind turntables.”


Ready to party?

Looking for a professional wedding DJ in Pittsfield, MA? Look no further than Superfly Sounds! Our experienced DJs will keep your dance floor packed all night long. Contact us today to learn more.


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