5 Songs You NEED to Pick With Your Wedding DJ

by Zane Krumanocker

Picking out songs for your wedding can seem like a daunting task for some.  Attempting to choose songs for guests of all ages and backgrounds isn't easy.

Luckily you're smart and picked a super talented DJ to take care of most of the playlist.

But should you call it a night and let your DJ pick all of your songs?  You can, but by picking these 5 "Special" songs, you will make your wedding one of a kind.


If you've built a good relationship with your DJ they probably already know what is going to make you storm the dance floor. But you want more.

Why should you help make this decision?

By picking the song you are going to get the dance party started to, you're making the statement "this is OUR wedding and we're here to PARTY!"  Pick something familiar, fun, and unique and  you'll set the right tone for the rest of the night.


Not all of my couples want to slow it down once the party is bumping and if thats you, skip down to number 3.  For weddings with a larger contingent of older guests

I definitely recommend at least one slower tune.

Why should you pick this out?  

Since there are fewer slow songs being played it's important to nail the ones that are played.  You also have the opportunity to pick a song that will make someones night.  Ask around for songs that might mean something special to your parents or grandparents.  This will take someones already great night and make it amazing.


Songs that are popular today might not be popular in a few months.  However, a little nostalgia can go along way on your dance floor.  90's Smash Hits and your favorite Boy Band dance moves from yesteryear are all the rage right now.

Why should you choose a throwback jam with your DJ?

You started to form your unique, quirky musical taste as a teenager.  Did you and your crew flip out every time you heard your favorite Spice Girls song? Have memories of rolling up to school in your first car bumping Dr. Dre's Next Episode?  Could you rock a mean air guitar to Papa Roach's Last Resort?  All these artists have torn up dance floors at weddings last year.  Pick a song that will make your old friends go wild!


You know, that song that you TURN UP and play on REPEAT in your car.  Make sure to schedule a quick call or e-mail with your DJ a week before the wedding so you can discuss your favorite song of now.  

Why is this selection important?

Hot songs have a tendency to blaze when they're first released and then rapidly fade out after they've been played a billion times. (Think Despascito) By choosing your favorite dance floor filler with your DJ a week before your wedding you can be sure you still love it that night.  These songs end up creating crazy energy on the dance floor and help keep the party going late into the night!


Picture this.  It's 10:55 pm and the dance floor is packed with your closest family & best friends.  The DJ announces he's about to play the last song of the night!  Ugh... Don't Stop Believing, by Journey comes on like the last 5 weddings you attended.

Why do smart couples work with their DJ to choose the last song of the night?

NOTHING punctuates the night like a carefully selected finale.   This is your chance to bring everyone together to create a memory you'll cherish for the rest of your night.  The right choice can whip your guests into an emotional frenzy full of joy while you all belt out the chorus of the perfect song to end your wedding!

Choose wisely! A great wedding DJ will give you the tools needed to help you pick the best music to take your wedding to the next level!

Excited about picking some music for your wedding?  Fill out the form below to set up a time to talk about how we can get your dance floor bumping!

Ready to party?


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