• Zane Krumanocker

Mixing outside the box!

Have you ever been to a wedding where the DJ was obnoxious? Maybe he/she talked too much, took over the dance floors with their "crazy dope moves" or even worse...

Maybe they played really awful ALL NIGHT

Theres nothing worse than spending thousands of dollars to gather your best friends and family for what should be the most epic party you'll ever throw, only to have your entertainment ruin it with music that makes you cringe. I've heard horror stories where guests or even the groom had to kick the DJ out of the booth and take over to save what had turned into a sad mess of a dance floor.

Everyone has their own musical preferences, so what might be a killer mix for one group, may flop with another. It's incredibly important to facilitate a relationship and build trust with your DJ so you can avoid turning your dance floor into a ghost town, population zero.

Personally, I don't post too many mixes on my site because I don't want to alienate anyone who is looking for a specific type of music for their wedding. That being said, when I meet a couple who asks for something outside of the box music wise, I am sometimes inspired to create a custom mix for them. This allows me to show them my DJ'ing chops and that I understand what they're looking for!

For example, Here's what a super cool couple I met this past week told me they about what they were looking for:

-"We want the energy at 10 out of 10 all night"

-"As far as new music we really like" LAUV & Clean Bandit"

-"You know that high energy song in Spanish?" Danza Kuduro? "NEED TO HEAR IT!"

-"We listen to Pop2K and top 40 on the radio"

So I took that information and made them this 15 minute mix. Now is this mix perfect for every wedding? For sure it's not. That being said, 15 minutes after I sent this mix to them, there was a newly signed contract in my inbox. Coincidence? Enjoy the mix!


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