• Zane Krumanocker

The Digging in the Crate Mentality

For many people music is a passion. I love playing music. I love dancing to music. I especially love collecting music. DJ's that take their craft seriously are continuously adding to and pruning their "Crate". For old school DJ's this meant carrying around 50 pound crates full of records. This put a limit to the amount of music you could bring to a party but was great for bulking up your biceps.

While I now utilize a massive music library made possible by my computer, when I first started I was using records only. What this taught me was the importance of putting together quality "crates" . If I could only bring about 100-200 records to a party, I had to make sure I had a crate that was going to rock that particular party. I also realized that the records you brought said a lot about you has a DJ. I made it my goal to not only bring music that I knew would rock the party, but also play music that I felt passionate about. When you do this you're able to connect with the crowd you're playing for in ways you wouldn't be able to if you were just playing the billboard hot 100 on a nightly basis.

Now like I mentioned, technology has changed in a way that gives us to ability to have tens of thousands of songs at our disposal and this isn't a bad thing. When you're DJ'ing a wedding you might get an oddball request that the brides mom NEEDS to have played (After the bride, she's the next person you should be worried about keeping happy). That being said, a TRUE DJ will never let go of what I call my "Digging in the Crate" mentality. I spend way too much time (ask my wife) sorting through my music, searching for new music and purging songs that just don't do it for me anymore. My passion is curating playlists with songs that take people on a musical journey they haven't been on before.. In the DJ world a special song in your crate may be referred to as Gems . When it comes to weddings, I love spending time getting to know my couples so I can incorporate their gems into the nights soundtrack. To be honest, the music I am exposed to while working with couples makes it all worth it.


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