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Dinner Music - Let the record play!

Picking dinner music can be a little more difficult then you might think. While you might lose some guests after dessert is served, it's safe to say all of your guests will there to enjoy the entree you shelled out a small fortune for. Thats why it's important to pick music that can appeal to all every one.

Ideally you want to have music that provides a consistent vibe that guests can enjoy while they chow down. One easy way to do this is pick albums ( or entrust your DJ to) and play them front to back. I saw how well this worked at my own wedding when my DJ put on a mix of all James Brown tracks. We wanted an energetic, upbeat wedding reception from start to finish and like JB we were feeling good!

Over the past few years, I've been collecting albums that work perfectly for dinner and thought I'd share them with you. Feel free to request them or use them to help pick out your receptions perfect dinner playlist.

First is an album I purchased after we started doing business under the name "Superfly Sounds". Curtis Mayfield's album Super Fly is not only super cool, but is also a great listen front to back. The first time I played it at a wedding I had a bunch of guests asking what it was that I was playing. Now I'm not sure how a soundtrack about the life of a pimp fits into the theme of a wedding, but it's soulful vibe just works.

Next up we have a album I was recently introduced to by a client who was looking for a really unique and laid back vibe for there dinner hour. Jazzmatazz Vol. I This record is half jazz half hip-hip hop and features Guru, one of my all-time favorite MC's . Now there are not many hip-hop albums I would recommend for for a dinner playlist, but trust me when I say this is a keeper. Live jazz mixed with smooth vocals is a perfect combination to nod your head to while your get primed for the dance floor!

Lastly we have Fleetwood Mac's Rumours. This album has the ability to take you on journey of feelings all while providing an upbeat yet calming background for you dinner. Some of the tracks are pretty high energy and will help keep guests tapping there feet throughout dinner. The songs are familiar enough for a younger crowd and will trigger a bit of nostalgia for your parents friends. If your crowd is more soft rock than Sinatra, this is a perfect record to just push play and enjoy.


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